Doctor Who, exactly?

The Doctor is a renegade Time Lord who travels in Time and Space in a TARDIS, a remarkable ship that looks like a phone box but actually houses a thousand rooms. The Doctor is also UNIT's scientific advisor, and he owns a groovy little device with thousands of functions.

He is a hero, and fights all sorts of monsters including the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans and the Judoon . The League is about to send him a memo asking for him to join, but it probably hasn't arrived yet. Despite this, he has sent his reply. Thats Time Travel for you!

Because he is a Time Lord, he has two hearts and can regenerate himself to heal wounds, at the cost of changing his face. Each Doctor has their own unique personality but all are driven by one goal - to save people in trouble, defeat monsters, stop alien invasions and run for their lives. Each incarnation of the Doctor is different, with all of them having their own way of bringing peace and unity to the Galaxy using non-violent methods, only resorting to violence when absolutely necessary. However, one incarnation of the Doctor, the War Doctor, was a battle-hardened warrior who fought in the devastating Time War.

He owns a wonderful machine called the TARDIS, which he lends to Radagast the Brown occasionally. The Doctor also has an arch-nemesis, another renegade Time Lord called The Master, who has insanity to rival that of some ofthe League's greatest Leaders...

Youtube Clips

Doctor Who -The 4th Doctor10:32

Doctor Who -The 4th Doctor

The Fourth Doctor berates some guys, including Daleks and Cybermen

Babelcolour Tribute THE McCOY YEARS02:26

Babelcolour Tribute THE McCOY YEARS

The Seventh Doctor's rampage through the Dalek Civil War, a Cyberman Incursion and some weird blue vampires

My Top 9 Ninth Doctor Moments13:38

My Top 9 Ninth Doctor Moments

The Ninth Doctor's verbal banter

Doctor Who - The Best of David Tennant03:05

Doctor Who - The Best of David Tennant

The Tenth Doctor being awesome, as usual

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor is a Badass (OUTDATED VERSION)12:08

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor is a Badass (OUTDATED VERSION)

The Eleventh Doctor kicking ass

Fury of a Time Lord06:33

Fury of a Time Lord

The Doctor's rage unleashed...


Some of the Doctor's more cool appearances

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