'The Governers' was a political organisation within the League that campaigned for a return to old-fashioned and archaic means of governing planets and systems, usually through slavery, oppression, archaic religious doctrine, and even mind-control. They were unpopular in the League and were few in number, but they were supported by several financial backers including SUCAS and, for a time, the Poundington Spider.

Following the Stythe Wars, the Governers were contacted by a spiritual entity called The Revenant, who had been cast from her physical form during the Fall of the Maths Mafia. The Revenant promised the Governers control over the League Senate if they aided her in her plans to bring down the utopian Blue City, and replace it with her idyllic stronghold of Minas Cahnon.

The Governers, under the command of Prince George the Failure, staged a coup in the League and installed Commander Proportionally Accurate as Supreme Commander of the League Military, however, their attempt was discovered by the Face of Boe and their assets were frozen. Escaping Inon II aboard Commander Proportionally Accurate's fleet, the Governers took over the Blue City and the small town of Barnhill on Earth, and began construction of Minas Cahnon, near the conclusion of the War of the Blue Oblivion.

However, the Bound Swords attacked Barnhill and killed Prince George, and eventually stormed Minas Cahnon, trapping the Revenant within a crystal ball and capturing the remaining Governers. The Governers were transported back to Inon II for trial, where they were removed from their positions as Senators and deconstituted into primitive organisms for their crimes.

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