The Archive of Insanity viewed from the outside. It is located in an area of Inon II that is rarely visited

The Great Archive of Insanity is the largest collection of information in the known universe. It contains detailed accounts of everything ranging from Aragorn to Zygons.

It is constatly being updated automatically so the Archive is said to be infinite. Thousands of people are sent into the depths of the archive to retrieve any information they can which is then added to this wiki, however as you can tell of the number of pages, many are not seen again. Some do return but are driven insane by the information overload that their brain simply can not handle.

One of the most renowned stories of the Archive is when a brave soul who went by the name of Lorem Ipsum set out to perform the most daunting task in the history of the Archive... To retrieve information on the Leagues most prominent hero, Jorgey - The God-Emperor of the Reachites and the Leagues incumbent protector. He and his crew set out into the depths of the archive in search of this data file which contained the information. Who knows what beasts and monstrosities that Lorem Ipsum and his friends had to face, but we know that it was enough to kill of all of his friends. It was believed that he was again one of the many that died but then he appeared from the mist of the archive with a data file..

Lorem Ipsum was immediately hospitalised and the data file was taken for futher examination. Lorem was covered in many bruises, cuts and had pieces of metal, which upon futher inspection revealed were from Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank also managed to score a hit on the data file, which resulted in much of its data being corrupted but none the less it was still a massive feat. Lorem was the only one who had read the whole data file and soon this information was going to be extracted.

The next day however, Lorem was found in his house, lying dead on the floor with the only injury leading to his sudden death being the snap of his neck....

The Archive itself is said to be staffed by some form of robot, but no-one knows what they look like as none have ever been seen.

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