{{{The Great Credit Crunch}}}

1970 PLF


1980 PLF


Rock, Activetech, Daaaaaadum, Economyington


Pyrrhic League Victory, both Prowlers and Money Spiders annihilated in the process, Galactic Economy reset

Major battles


Money Spiders

The League


Prowler High Command

Several Bankingtons

League Regional Generals

This was a war that occured between the Money Spiders and the Prowlers in 1970 PLF. It lasted for ten years and was the cause of a Galaxy-wide depression. The war started when the Money Spiders began hoarding all the Galaxy's wealth and prompted the Prowlers to take action.

Initially, the Prowlers attempted to use sanctions against the Money Spiders, but since they ran all the banks these were useless. The war was put 'on hold' when a massive volcanic eruption devastated the already unstable Daaaaaadum, causing many of the Money Spiders to call for action regarding the Money Spider homeworld, which was used as a vault to hoard everyones wealth.

The war dragged on and the Money Spiders started dragging other races into the war, such as the Mole Men in the Battle of Rock, which soon led to their fleets being thinly spread and some were destroyed by the League in what became known as 'interventional defence of innocent worlds'. The subsequent Battle of Activetech and the Battle of Economyington served to destroy the last of the Money Spiders and reset the Galactic Economy.

Eventually, the Prowlers used their ravaged homeworld as a makeshift bomb in the Battle of Economyington to destroy the Money Spiders homeworld and reset the Galactic Economy. The war saw the end of both species, however, with only as handful of members surviving from each side.



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