Mondas, the Cursed Planet

The planet Mondas is a cursed planet, according to the myths and rumours circulated by pirates, traders and mercenaries throughout the League. Mondas itself has been given many names throughout its history by many different races. The Daleks called it the Cold Planet. Humans call it The Planet of the Metal Men. Even the Cybermen themselves avoid Mondas, as if they are afraid of their own history.

There is a simple reason for this. Mondas is home to something worse than the Cybermen. Many questions have been raised about Mondas. How and why did it drift away from the Sol system? Why did it take such an odd, unnatural path throughout the Galaxy? Why does the mere sight of the planet will even the bravest of spacers with cold dread?


Even the Cybermen themselves avoid Mondas

There are many rumours as to what inhabits Mondas. Legend tells of strange, metallic screams that can be heard in the night over the sound of the howling winds. Rumours that there are caves dotted around the planet filled with insane prototype Cybermen that are barely alive are unconfirmed yet possible. And there are even rumours that there is something lurking in the planet itself, something pure evil, that shifted the fate of the planet by moving it away from its Sun.

The Mondasians themselves left Mondas eons ago, and the Cybermen have lost all data referring to the planet. in fact, some Cybermen do not even see it as home, and newer Cybermen are programmed to believe that Telos Minor was their original home. For creatures with no emotion, the Cybermen show a certain degree of fear towards Mondas, like they are scared of whatever it was that they left behind...

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