The Protector in one of his only photographed appearances

This individual apparently protects members of the League by using a magical crystal ball to watch over everyone. Creepy? Well, apparently not. His prescence is completely broadcasted and everyone knows he is there - which has led to several phrases throughout the League territories like 'For Protector's Sake'. The citizens of the League demonstrated their love of the Protector in a recent poll in which 99.999% of League citizens voted for the prescence of the Protector. The Protector operates by materialising in front of people in trouble and beating the crap out of anyone who is attacking them.

Obviously the Protector cannot be everywhere at once, so minor attacks are usually left to the Police, however, the Protectors activity means that the crime rate in the League is amazingly low. Robberies, Burglaries, Attacks, Murders, all of which are very rare and only occur on freak occasions. The Protector's seemingly impossible omniscience has led many to believe that the Protector is in fact an organisation, not an individual, however, eyewitness accounts prove that the Protector is in fact an individual, despite his shadowy appearance, he is obviously the same person. Initially, the Protector was treated with suspicion, and people found the thought of a strange entity watching them as they walk the streets rather disturbing. However, the name 'Protector' rings true. People feel safer knowing that the Protector is watching them an the privacy act signed with the Protector in 1256 PLF meant that there was no chance of him using his abilities to his own ends. It is unknown where the Protector lives or what species he even is, however, rumour has it that he lives on a derelict ship and he is obviously humanoid.

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