The quad change race

A true representation of the Quad

The Quad are a gang of failures that apparently rule something, but no-one knows what. Their very existance is a Monument to Evil! In fact, they are all evil, even the one who is dead. There are several failures in the Quad:

The Failures in the QuadEdit

King Wannabe I (Davie C)Edit

This guy is a failure, as you will undoubtedly see, and he fails at everything. He is the leader of the Quad and apparently Prime Failure.

CleggFrogg (Cleggy G)Edit

Once a noble man who was seduced into joining the Quad and later died of depression. His body was reanimated by the Quad to prevent panic, but for some reason he is constantly crying.

Prince George the Failure (Giddy G)Edit

He is a creepy, red-eyed devil who loves destroying all things that are good. He is a complete failure and he is utterly devoted to King Wannabe I.

Nobody Cares (Nobby C)Edit

No-one cares about this guy. No-one even knows his name, and half the time, he's not even there.

Associates of the QuadEdit


A strange individual, Boris only does what the Quad says because he is after Davie C's job. However, he knows he will never be King, and he cries every night like a pathetic failure.

Baldie BoringEdit

Another strange one, Baldie might have been successful once but ended up failing, like a true Quad member. He now tails the Quad in a pathetic attempt to get power.

Queen Psychopath IEdit

A massive inspiration for the Quad, although she died long ago, her twisted and evil teachings still live on through the Quad.


An ex-leader of the Quad before they rose to power, Vampire is now seen as a failure who can do nothing more than stand by and allow the Quad to go forth in their pathetic journey to FAILURE.


Despite being a complete idiot with no knowlegde of politics or economics, Smite somehow found himself deputy leader of the Quad under Vampire. He failed.

Former AssociatesEdit

Major JohnEdit

Despite once being second-in-command to Queen Psychopath I, Major John saw the error of his ways and attempted to clean up the mess she had made after her death. This led to him being outcasted from the Quad, so he simply formed a splinter group and went undercover, destroying Quad soldiers wherever he saw them.

Starship of the QuadEdit

The SS Parliament serves as the Quad's flagship. It is a pathetic ship, and it replaced te Westminister Clock Tower when the Quad came to power. Despite the ship being so pathetic, the Quad still attempt to use it in battle, only for it to be squashed by whatever happens to be attacking it.

Pictures of the QuadEdit

The Quad are associated with Typical League Political Debates and some of them are in the Failure Rangers, they are also best friends with the Reject Rangers. The Quad were officially destroyed following the Battle of Parliament, in a huge battle which destroyed them all. Good riddance.

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