Quarian whining

The Great Whinger observes her fleet

The Quarian Advance was the pathetic migration of the Quarians throughout the Galaxy in their bid to steal jobs and crash economies. The Quarians started out on their planet which was overtaken by the Geth, with the Quarians being forced out and made to travel the stars dumping their citizens on other planets.

The Quarians travelled to Earth and Sanghelios at first, but the entire fleet above Sangheilios was eradicated by a 'Meteorite' (actually thought to be a Sangheliosian missile) so the remaining Quarians had to settle on Earth. The Humans and Silurians were not too happy about this and the Quarians faced harsh racism and abuse for the time they spent on Earth rebuilding their fleet.

After the Quarians left Earth, they travelled in a fleet of new ships to many different planets and star systems, and on each one they divided their fleets and spread again. The League had to eventually stop them from populating every inhabited world in the Galaxy. The Quarians faced opposition from many worlds, and even lost a battle to the Sontarans (led by Snax the Destroyer).

After this pitiful 100 years of travel, the Quarians finally banded together and established their own colonies on uninhabited worlds. However, they still remained present on many other planets in the League for years to come...

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