Scot looking sad after being reverse-inated

The Scot was a scotsman who followed in the footsteps of Spein and fought evil. He joined the Goodfellas and served under The Triad, and took part in the Duel of the Scots, in which he fought alongside Spein, and the Battle of Minas Music. He killed Host Chatee and Three-Fingered Johnny during the battle and became leader of what was left of the Goodfellas after the Triad left.

However, a stain was left over his rule. Before Three-Fingered Johnny died, he managed to shoot Scot with a Reversal-Ray, causing part of his face (including his nose) to turn upside-down. Scot lived with this for a while but was soon tragically drowned when it rained during the Second Battle of Minas Music.

The scot... or not

The Scot in his youth, proving himself a true Scot

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