The Shroud's reveal in the documentary

The Shroud is a being that possesses the bodies of Humanoids to further achieve its meglomaniacal goals. The Shroud was discovered by a Human named Tobius Gladstone in 2223 PLF, during an experiment on a recently deceased human corpse. The identity of the corpse was unknown, but during the autopsy a mass of purple light erupted from the corpse and fled through a nearby window. Many have speculated to what the Shroud does. There are some who believe that it influences the minds of those it possesses, there are others who believe that it completely takes over the bodies of its vicitms and cleverly mimics their personality, to a degree. However, what is known is that those 'infected' with the Shroud become vampires.

It is unknown how many Shrouds there are. There may be only one, or there may be hundreds. Where it originally came from is unknown. What its true intentions are is also unknown. Hosts of the Shroud have varied from being Prime Ministers to rejected degenerates, Military Commanders to small-time criminals. However, one particular Shroud host created a documentary about his condition, referring to himself in the third person as if it was the Shroud itself talking. In the programme he demonstrated the ability to produce tendrils of evil from his body and revealed his vampiristic nature, however, the man killed himself before the documentary was aired.

Until now, almost everything about the Shroud has remained a mystery and any who are known to be infected with the Shroud have been deemed public enemies by the League, with the campaign 'Uncloak the Shroud' being seen almost everywhere in the Galactic Center.

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