A Toadfia recruitment poster

The Toadfia is a sinister organization run by Toads, who originate from the Mushroom Galaxy. Their goal is to control all of the power in the Mushroom Galaxy by manipulating third parties to their advantage. The Toadfia has very few actual members, but it has associates on every planet in the Mushroom Galaxy.

Notable Members:Edit

  • Toadsworth, codename 'Grandpa Toad', was the previous ruler of the Toadfia until he took up his job as Princess Peach's aide. He now monitors the Toadfia with a close eye, to make sure it does not interfere with the affairs of the Princess.
  • Commander Toad, codename 'Boss Toad', is a Toad that lives in Princess Peach's castle and owns a block that monitors and observes the goings-on of the Mushroom Kingdom and records videos of particular feats. Boss Toad is the current leader of the Toadfia and has a red jacket, marking him out from the average Toad.
  • Yellow Toad, codename 'Muscle Toad', is a Toadfia enforcer who was given the task of monitoring Mario and making sure he does not deviate from the cause of the Toadfia.
  • Blue Toad, codename 'Bounty Toad', a bounty hunter hired to assist Mario in his quest by the Toadfia to make sure their affairs succeed. He also takes work from other Toadfia representatives, such as collecting coins for the Toadfia and taking out high priority members of Bowser's Army.
  • Toadbert, codename 'Nerd Toad', the Toadfia's cheif scientist hired to assist E.Gadd in his experiments. He was sent back in time by E.Gadd but somehow returned after losing his memory.


The Toadfia handles many trades, from drugs to gambling to illegal arms. It uses discreet drop-off points disguised as mushrooms known as Toad Houses to ferry their stolen, illegal and dangerous powerups. 'Super' Mario often visits these houses to participate in their gambling games of chance to win the drugs and powerups that the Toadfia stores in these houses.

The Toadfia is a largely corrupt organization, having corrupted Princess Peach into housing leading members of the Toadfia. The only kingdom not to fall to the Toadfia is Sarasaland, ruled by Princess Daisy, a hyperactive alcoholic under the grip of an addiction to Stars.

The Toadfia has spread to the entire Mushroom Galaxy and causes problems for even Bowser. In fact, the Toadfia practically controls Bowser as well, supplying him with arms and weapons to prolong the war to hide their nefarious dealings. Any member of the Toadfia who disobeys the rules of the Toadfia is trapping in a '?' block and handed over to Bowser. Mario often rescues these Toads, but only when his Toady accomplaces are not around.

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