The Triad after being partially upgraded

The Triad was the leader of the Goodfellas from 2008-2015. He co-operated with the other members of the Goodfellas, especially The Scot, since he was the only other capable fighter in the Goodfellas. The Triad originated from Korea before the Civil War that occured there in the 1950s, during which he fled to England and established the Goodfellas there. No-one knows exactly why he fled North Korea, but some believe that he was a member of the secret service there.

Triad took part in the Battle of the VLE and the Battle of Minas Music, during which he led the Goodfellas to victory, (despite the loss of The Unknown). However, he later became power-mad. After being put in charge of the remains of Minas Music, he became bored and even his knife-throwing did not satisfy his boredom. He opted for a partial Cyberman conversion to make him more powerful, and it worked - the only problem was that the Cybermen slowly took over his mind, and he became a Cyber-Assassin. He eventually took over Minas Music with an army of Cyberdorks and fought a civil war with the Goodfellas and the rest of the Forces of Good which became known as the Second Battle of Minas Music.

The Triad was resurrected, albiet for a short-lived spat, by Princeps autem Consolus in the runup to the Third Battle of Minas Music. Princeps resurrected Consolo Commando and used fragments of The Virus to bring Triad back to life in order to access Minas Music, however in the process Host Chatee gained control of Triad's body and almost completely purged his consciousness, causing his soul unbearable torment. Following his use to activate the Minas Music gates, Princeps abruptly decapitated the unholy fusion of Triad and Chatee, leaving his body outside the gates to Minas Music.

Following this, Triad's Virus-infested, Cyber-infused soul wandered the Earth for several years, living off the power of dank memes, until the Omnipowerful Oracle resurrected Triad and cleansed him of his afflictions in order to join the Bound Swords and combat the Swords of the Soundboard - in exchange for life, the Oracle demanded allegiance, which Triad gave - but he also planned on reforming the Goodfellas once more.

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