The Universe, or a small fragment of it

The Universe is the plain on which all things exist. The Universe that we exist in is just one of trillions of parallel universes, but for the sake of the League we will focus on this universe for now. The Universe is made up of Galaxies, each one containing billions of stars. Between these Galaxies lies the Dark Space. The League controls seven Galaxies in this universe: The Milky Way Galaxy, the Trek Galaxy, the Force Galaxy, the Flood Galaxy, the Boe Galaxy, the Mushroom Galaxy and the Elder Galaxy. The League therefore controls less than 0.001% of the total number of Galaxies in this universe, which is nothing compared to the total number of Galaxies in every universe in existance.

The Universe itself began with something called the Big Bang, also known as the Beginning, the Enkindling, the Spark of Life, the Great Explosion, the Giver, the Desire, the Knowing, the Beginning of all things and the Start. Theoretically, the Universe will end with yet another Big Bang, where the Universe's energy will seep through the weakened barriers of parallel universes as the aged universe begins to break down, and all matter wil cease to exist. Many different races, individuals, cults and religions have their own theories on how and why the universe will begin and end, but the generally accepted scientific theory is the theory of the Two Big Bangs.

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