Praying mantis gohappy

If they didn't keep changing shape, this it what they would look like

Homeworld - Urrrrrrrrrrrrr
Leader - Noiall, Der Fuhrer

Although no real evidence of the Urrrrrr's true form exists, they wouldn't look that dissimilar to these guys, the Drones.

Social Hierarchy-
Der Fuhrer

Species Description:

Insectoid but Humanoid in appearance. They are in fact thought to have evolved from human cells left on the moon. They are genderless, and reproduce by cloning, with only a few templates left. Their exoskeletons are made of Urrrium, the only element that can withstand Urrrrrrs naturally toxic atmosphere. Because of this, baby Urrrrrrrs have to be kept in Urrrrrrrium incubators until their shells have grown.

Species History:

Not much is known about their culture, in fact they are a monotonus, insect-like hive mind that dispatches Ambassadors to other worlds but has no intention of conquering them. Their Homeworld, Urrrrrrrrrr, is thought to be highly industrialised as well as highly poisonous, so therefore it is avoided by other races. Unlike many other ominous races of the galaxy, the Urrrrrrrs have a seat on the Galactic Council, being one of the only races from the Galaxy to do so.

At least two spies have been sent to Earth, one of which is simply a drone - Niall - and one of which joined the Nazi party in World War 2 as Hitler's aid - Hermann Goering, who confused human genders and became a transvestite. They show intense interest in facism as this is the political system of their homeworld.

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