Thessia, pre-razed

Thessia was once described as the 'crown jewel' of the Milky Way Galaxy. Its natives, the Asari, enjoyed a remarkably low incidence of war, disease, violent crime or famine, and the planets economy soared for nearly a millenia. However, the invasion of the Reapers during the Reaper War changed all that. The once prospering economy is now in tatters, the planets infrastructure has collapsed, buildings are in ruin, crime, unemployment and in-fighting are common and the governments have little or no power now. Thessia is a perfect example of how conflict can destroy the once proud and stable foundations of society.

Although the League has tried hard to help in the reconstruction of Thessia, its hands are tied as regards the actual economy. It is against League law to favouritise certain worlds for economic support, and so Thessia has had to make do with charity up until now. The SSV Normandy has helped by spreading pamphlets across the Galaxy, but most of these either burn up in stars or atmospheres or just drift off into space. Making matters worse, many of Thessia's positions of authority in the League were usurped by Earth following the Second Galactic War.

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