The Time Lords making a speech about their own self-importance

Time Lords are species that have a mastery of Time Travel. They originated from the Gallifreyens of Gallifrey, and the Time Lords are considered to be the upper hierarchy of this race. A famous Time Lord through time is The Doctor, he has been taking on sidekicks throughout time and space to aid him in battle with fierce monsters and aliens. The other Time Lords don't like this very much, but theres not much they can do about it.

Another famous Time Lord is The Master, who is renowned for being utterly insane. In fact, he is scarily insane.

The Time Lords' evolution was heavily influenced by Dialga, the God of Time, in order to keep the laws of time in check and prevent tampering with Time Travel. He granted them powers of Time Travel and powered their TARDIS', allowing them to travel through time in order to prevent problems with time (Makes sense).The Time Lords swore by their policy of not intervening with Time for millenia, until the Daleks attacked their Homeworld of Gallifrey, starting the Time War. The Time Lords fought back, without the protection of Dialga, who was still following the no-intervention policy (It is important to know that the Time Lords supported Dialga's actions, as they too were strict followers of the no-intervention policy). Dialga Timelocked the war and left the Time Lords to their fate. Throughout the War, as the Time Lords gradually became more and more aggressive, Dialga abandoned them completely, leaving what happened in the war for Time itself to decide.

Famous Time Lords

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