Quest for the tower of mist-ery

The Tower of Mist-Ery with the Heroes in the foreground

The Tower of Mist-Ery is a place of confusion and doubt. A tale tells that Shirazzle Dazzle, Spein, Strongarm and Noiall journeyed there to recover an amazing treasure after Strongarm received a letter about the Tower in the post. The Tower itself is located within the Ormskirk Mist, so it has never been truly analysed apart from what garbled nonsense the heroes spat out in the two-week recovery period they needed after spending so much time in the Mist itself.

The Tower has many floors and a central lift shaft, but it has no lift. Instead, a ladder must be climbed to access all the floors. A main stairway is also located within the hallway but it only leads up two floors before cutting off. There are several denizens of the Tower, one of which is a massively fat blacksmith and another is a huge mecha, connected to the mains by a plug. Scrawled on the main entrance are the words 'THIS IS NOT YOUR GRAVE, BUT YOU ARE WELCOME IN IT.'

At the conclusion of the Quest for the Tower of Mist-Ery, the treasure is revealed to be assorted cheap nicknacks.

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