Thunder Child is destroyed

The Thunder Child was a British warship in service during an Alpha Centurian (or Gray) incursion on Earth in the 1800s. The Alpha Centurians that attacked Earth were a terrorist cell, deviating from the usual peaceful nature of their race (which failed to show during their last twelve attempted invasions of Earth) and using their mining vehicles as deadly weapons of destruction. Operating from a base on Mars, the Grays landed in England and attacked the country with these Tripods, attacking and slaying Humans on sight. The League acted quickly, sending in a fleet to destroy the Gray base on Mars, but they could not attack the Grays on Earth for fear of causing worldwide panic.

Thunder Child was the only iron-clad warship able to defend London from the Tripods, and did so exceptionally well, annihilating its foes with ease. However, as the Civilian transports started to evacuate, the crew of the Thunder Child noticed that one of the Tripods was heading for the last of the ferries leaving the city, packed with almost a thousand civilians. Out of ammo for its guns and with no time to head back for more shells, Thunder Child gallantly rammed the foot of the Tripod, attracting its attention. The Tripod promptly turned and incinerated Thunder Child with its heat ray, but the sacrifice saved the ferry and the lives of everyone on board.

The invasion was soon called off by the Gray terrorists after Earthen microbes gave them horrible diseases that Humans are resistant to. What remained of the Grays surrendered to the League fleet in orbit. The entire invasion was labelled as the Tragedy of the Thunder Child in honor of the ship that spearheaded the Human defence.

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