This is their logo. Not that you didn't know that.

Political information
Type of government

Military Dictatorship

Founding document

2241 PLF


The Hood

Head of State

Admiral of the Fleet

Head of Government

Elected Prime Minister

Judicial branch

Court of Cairo

Societal information

Cairo Station

Official language

Various Human Languages



  • Later Terredits
State religious body

Various Human Religions

National holiday

Terrantime Day

Date of reorganization

After Human-Covenant War

Date of dissolution

After The Fall of Lord Hood

  • (Absorbed into The League)

The UNSC were a military force that were once defenders of Humanity. It was a United force comprised of soldiers from all different branches and factions of Humanity. It stood for United Nations Space Command, which makes it sound like a cross between the League of Nations and Buzz Lightyear's bosses. The UNSC was disbanded upon the Fall of Lord Hood in favour of the cross-species military proposed by The League.

It was ruled over by His Almighty Highness Lord Hood, and was funded by the Empire of The Hood. Hoody did command the Navy of The League until his death and this toom was funded by The Empire of The Hood. No the Navy is run by Commander Awesome and is funded by the League itself, so there is no corruption involved. Eventually, however, both the UNSC and its sister organization, ONI, were abolished due to its history of corruption, evil and imprisonment of innocent, brilliant scientists.

Both Johnny and Jorgey used to work for these guys, as well as all the other Human soldiers, apparently.

Notable UNSC Leaders

Notable UNSC Ships

Notable UNSC Space Stations

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