The USS Excelsior

The USS Excelsior was a Federation starship and the first of the Federation ships to be given a transwarp beaming drive, allowing it to perform beams and warp jumps at the same time and also making it a lot more maneouverable. The ship itself was heavily armed and armoured and was one of the largest ships in the Federation fleet when it was constructed.

Like its sister ships Enterprise and Voyager, Excelsior was called up to fight the Borg and the Cybermen when both assaulted Federation territory during the Cyberman-Borg War. The Excelsior also took part in the Human-Klingon War. The USS Excelsior was the ship that rescued the crew of the USS Quazar following a massive attack on the Federation by the Cardassian Battle Fleet, which was decimated by the Enterprise and the Excelsior.

The Excelsior was one of the first ships in Starfleet that was equipped with the ability to seperate its saucer section in the event of severe damage to the ship, a feature which was installed into most Federation ships from that point. The Excelsior was also one of the first ships to be fitted with the experimental Quantum Torpedoes for testing, and once they were confirmed for use, the Excelsior was the first ship to use them in combat.

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