Uss Hood

The USS Hood patrols Hoodian Space

The USS Hood was a Federation ship, formerly known as the USS Polaris, that fell into the hands of the Galactic Council during a scam carried out by the latter against the former. Along with the other 300-or-so 'borrowed' Federation ships in service of the Galactic Council, the USS Hood was used by the Galactic Council in its campaigns against the Reachites but was not given its new name until the Conquest of the Hood occured.

It was fitted with a Quantum Warp Drive that allowed it to make tiny warp jumps to avoid attacks, as well as Quantum Torpedoes that seem to be the same as a Photon Torpedoes apart from the fact that they are blue and have an even more nonsensical name.

As soon as the Galactic Council realised that Hood was standing against the League, they rewarded him by giving him the ship, now with the name USS Hood, to use as a flagship for his otherwise pathetic navy. Hood accepted and used the USS Hood as a search-and-destroy vessel, attacking any League ships that came anywhere near Earth or his beloved Cairo Station.

This was seen as an act of aggression against the League and instigated the Fall of Lord Hood, a battle between the forces of the League and the Empire of The Hood. The USS Hood, captained by a certain Thomas 'Hoodlover' Errance, was set against the Shadow of Intent and was able to use its small size and Quantum Warp Drive to evade the Shadow's attacks whilst pelting it with Quantum Torpedoes. Shitmaster admitted that the situation was worsening, claiming that the Shadow would have only five minutes before being punctured by the Hood. Arby, however, merely remarked 'Were it so Easy...'

After recalibrating the weapons systems on the Shadow of Intent to fire a glassing beam in a large arc, the crew of the Shadow eventually impacted and disabled the USS Hood and were able to board it. After an extended firefight, its crew was captured and the ship was then returned to the Federation, who promptly destroyed it on the grounds that it was several years out of date.

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