The USS Voyager in flight

The USS Voyager was a starship assigned to the Federation of Planets, which was set up by Humans to better co-exist with aliens. The ship itself, like the USS Enterprise, was built as an exploration vessel but also set up for combat in case of attacks on Federation or League space.

The ship was under the command of Captain Janeway, an experianced officer with the Federation, when it was suddenlly transported via a freak wormhole to an unexplored region of space. Despite regular attacks by the Borg and countless other alien races, years later, the ship returned to Federation space intact. Using Borg technology and merging it into their ship, (and even curing a borg drone, Seven of Nine, from her Borg-ishness) the crew had managed to upgrade the ship far beyond its normal capacities and, despite its unorthodox armaments and crew, the ship was still in full active service even after its rescue.

Notable Crewmembers:Edit

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