Urrrrrrrr's devastated landscape. Note the highly polluted atmosphere.

Urrrrrrrr is a planet that is home to the Urrrrrrs.

Location: The Gamma System

Atmosphere: Hightly Toxic and Corrosive

Technical Name: Gamma-Two

Native Species: The Uurrrs


Naturally Polluted and Hostile, the planet Urrrrr is home sweet home for the Urrrrrrs. The correct spelling is unknown, the longest example
would be: 'UUUUUUUUUrrrrrrrrrrRRrrrrrrRrrrrr', from the Urrrian Holy Text, written on the sides of the oldest building on the planet. The Planet's inhabitants are opressive and xenophobic, and they have an excuse for driving people away from their world: it has a toxic atmosphere and melts the hulls of any starship made from anything but the planet's only element: Urrrrrium.

Rumour has it that the planet once belonged to another race of sentient beings, and they devastated the planet by themselves. Sound familiar? The Urrrrrrs are thought to have 'accuired' the planet some time afterwards, way after the previous race either went extinct or left the planet. Whoever the original species were, they must have been pretty stupid.

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