UszeTaham - Profile

Usze Taham on patrol

Usze Taham (aka Who Ate the Ham) was an Elite who came from the higher end of Elite society. He was a swordsman and a brilliant sniper, and was accepted into the highest honourable Elite swordsmanship academy on Sanghelios. After graduating just a year before the betrayal of the Elites by the Brutes, Usze saw limited action against Humans and didn't really see the problem with them as most seasoned Elite warriors did. After the alliance between the Elites and the Humans forged by Shitmaster and Sergeant Johnson, Usze was deployed with Johnny and Arby during the closing stages of the Human-Covenant War.
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Even when on break, Usze Taham is always alert...

He helped Johnny and Arby battle Covenant and Flood on Earth and the Ark, and was one of the few survivors of the battle between Arby and Tartarus, the Brute Chieftain. Usze Taham killed many Brutes during the war, and even stood his ground against the Flood outbreak.

Usze aided his allies right up until the firing of Installation 04B, and when Johnny and Arby got onto their Warthog, Usze Taham took a Mongoose. He didn't know how to drive, so he ended up falling off. But luckily for him, his fellow warrior N'tho Sraom was waiting to catch him on a Banshee.

Usze Taham and N'tho Sraom escaped the destruction of the Ark and piggybacked the Forward Unto Dawn's Slipspace portal, returning to Earth unharmed, and to a hero's welcome.

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