Virtuoso commanding his forces

Virtuoso is a twisted Cresendoin who landed on Earth and is now the long-time enemy of Emewafwawa. Originally from Rondo, this Cresendoin came to Earth to pursue his love of music. Coining every single musical term imaginable, and being responsible for every single musical revolution, this Cresendoin has made it to the pinnacle of musical talent.

He was pushed from his place as commander of all things musical by Emewafwa, and he now wishes to retake his position, by force or otherwise. Like Emewafwawa, he commands musical instruments and they have fought many wars against one another.

Virtuoso wants to destroy all MRE, the engery that Emewafwawa uses to power his instruments. Virtuoso uses natural Cresendoin telekinetic powers to control his minions, and thinks that twisting music to use as a weapon is blastphemous. He therefore wants to eradicate Emewafwawa and another creator of a twisted form of music, Drez Bro Dude A.

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