Maths Mafia Logo

The logo of the Maths Mafia


2008 PLF


2015 PLF


Earth, Surrounding Space, Distortion World


Victory for Forces of Good, Maths Mafia destroyed

Major battles

Forces of Good

Maths Mafia

Emewafwawa's Music Brigade


The League (Initially) then Shirazzle Dazzle

The Demon of The Abyss


The War on the Maths Mafia was a conflict that occured in the League from 2008 PLF to 2015 PLF. The War was against the tyrannical organization known as the Maths Mafia, who were antagonised for years by the forces of Good, to free the Earth from their terrible grip and restore peace, freedom and justice to the world. The full extent of the War is documented in the various battles that occured during the conflict.

Known CombatantsEdit

Note: A star by the persons name indicates that they died at some point during this conflict

Note: Those highlighted in italics were either betrayed or not recognised by their respective sides

Forces of Good:Edit

Forces of Evil:Edit

Major EventsEdit

Listed here in chronological order:

Post-War EventsEdit

These are events or conflicts that occured in the volatile period after the War had concluded, all of which have some direct relation to the events of the War itself:

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