640px-Weasel With Pen

Weasel with his beloved Pen

Weasel, full name Howard 'The Weasel' Montague, is a guy who owns a magic pen.

The pen is one of many objects scattered around the world that do different things. The Pen microwaves people ont he spot, and its indestructible because its an object.


Sood's reaction to a Weasel getting into his shop

This severely overpowered weapon was taken from him at one point and he did everything he could to get it back, even asking Sood. Sood responded to his fifteenth call to his shop by shouting 'Weasel! How many times do I have to tell you get your STINKING CARCASS out of my shop!'

(Note: Sood runs a Stop)

Lost Room Sood 204:50

Lost Room Sood 2

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