A White Giant approaches Red Dwarf

White Giant is one of the many craft held aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. Rarely used, White Giant is only deployed for massive-scale mining operations, and is similar in size to a UNSC frigate. White Giants were used by the Cat Race during their escape from Red Dwarf during Dave Lister's time in stasis, and at least one was destroyed after hitting an asteroid.

After the crew was revived, White Giant saw little use. It was too big to be controlled by such a small crew, and it was slow and had no weapons or shields, unlike the modified Starbug that was used by the crew later on. However, White Giants were used in a freak accident involving nanobots where the entire crew of Red Dwarf was resurrected, and they fled Red Dwarf in most of the White Giants, leaving the crew alone once more. What actually happened to the resurrected crew is a mystery, although it can be assumed that they did actually make it back to Earth.

White Giants are used in other parts of the Galaxy as well, mostly by the GTS. However, the model was withdraw due to several flight design flaws at some point after the Galactic Credit Crunch.

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