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Top PagesEdit

These are a list of our 'Top' pages, i.e. pages that are significant in that they are either the most insane, funny or interesting.


These are hubs from which you can visit other pages of a similar type. All our Categories are listed on the Categories page and from there you can jump to any of the types that you want, cool, huh?

League MembersEdit

This is an (incomplete) list of the Leaders of the League, which is constantly expanding. Each leader has their own Page so explore them all!


This is a list of planets in the League which have species living on them. It is a useful database for finding species that are of relevance, and those that are not (cough, Sontarans, cough).

The Success ScaleEdit

This is a scale of successful races, from least successful to most successful and those in between. Laugh at the stupid races that fall into the failure category or bask in the glory of those that achieve greatness!

Religion in the LeagueEdit

Speaks for itself, really. Its the Religion that everyone in the League worships or at least knows about.

History of the LeagueEdit

The League's history is a vast and diverse as the League itself, so it should take some time to explore it all.

Organization of the LeagueEdit

How the League is organised, from its Leaders to its toadying lackies.