Make it so, Mister Warf.

Worf is a Klingon crewmember on board the USS Enterprise. He is in charge of weapons, and he loves to blow things up. He is quite strong and is able to overpower a human easily. However, he is not as strong as the indestructible Data.

Due ot his alien culture, he is usually quite blunt about humans, stating emotions very literally. However, usually he keeps his own emotions hidden under a battle-worn exterior to disarm his opponents. He has won many tournaments on his homeworld and worked hard to restore the honour of his family through the Federation. He is actually the first Klingon to join Starfleet and he takes his duties very seriously, as any good Klingon would.

He later takes over command of the USS Defiant, but is put back on board the Enterprise after the Defiant is disabled by the Borg.

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