A Yautja with its face mask removed

Yautja are a tribal race that originate from the planet Yautja Prime. They are extremely aggresive, and are a race of hunters that travel around the Galaxy hunting their prey, displaying their skulls in their ships. It is for this reason that they have been given the name Predators.

They use advanced plasma weaponry and a variety of bladed weapons to attack their prey, and they also use light-bending technology to achieve invisibility. They see in infra-red and have explosives the size of tennis balls that can level buildings.

A small handful have been to Earth before, and most of what the Galaxy knows of this race has come from NASA files. One Predator took residence in a forest and hunted military forces fighting guerillas there, and a few more crashed their ship in a city. Despite being a heavily populated race they are very rarely seen, and those who do see them are usually killed. None have ever been captured and those that are killed utilize a self-destruct mechanism implanted into their armour to devastate the surrounding area, more than likely killing their attacker and levelling the area.

They are said to have a rivalry with another aggresive race known as the Xenomorphs, however, recent evidence suggests that what the two species share is not a rivalry but is instead more of a symbiotic relationship, with Yautja breeding Xenomorphs to hunt for sport, as the Yautja see the Xenomorphs as among their most worthy prey. The Yautja have a similarity with the Covenant race, the Elites, and are thought to have evolved in a similar manner to them. The Yautja have caused tyranny throughout the Galaxy through a chain of events that became known as the Yautja Incursions. These eventually stopped after a war that the Yautja lost, the Yautja-Flood War, which severely limited their hunting rights across the Galaxy. The Yautja were instead diverted to preventing Xenomorph infestations across the Galaxy.

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