Yavin IV

Yavin IV is a jungle planet in the Yavin system that was used as a base for the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Its nature as a jungle world makes it a teeming world filled with life, and many of its native species can only be found on Yavin IV, making it an excellant planet for zoologists too.

The Rebel Alliance probably singled out Yavin IV for a base because of its remote location, but there is evidence that there was a civilisation that existed on Yavin before the Rebels got there. Large structures, fountains and temples litter the planet's surface and there is a dark aura in some of its recesses. Jedi specialists think that a Sith society may have once lived there, run by a Dark Lord who ordered the native species to build these temples in his honour. Strange...


Rebels on Yavin IV

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