1676250-342px zombiepigmsword super

Here, piggy piggy piggy!

Zombie pigmen have been living in the Nether WAY before Information Guy was even BORN! It all started when pigs, cows, sheep and chickens lived in peace and harmony until one day, when the pigs wanted to rule the world. They began to look down to the other animals. Literally, they began to stand up like humans which made them much taller. They had soon conquered the over world since all the other animals were mindless cows, really, and before long they had discovered a whole new dimension: they called it the Nether. As they prepared themselves for their trip to conquer this new world they brought with them gold and sticks and soon headed over in a big purple portal. Soon enough they discovered that all of the lava, fire and other creatures  were just to much for them and they soon died out. After a while, there bodys began to decay but they still had their soles. They were zombies!

Meanwhile, the pigmen that were left behind literally went mad! Slowly but surely, the began to devolve and live with the other animals in peace once more. In the Nether, the hundreds of zombies crafted swords, gold ones, to prepare for war, but soon gave up for their numbers were to low, the nether was their home.

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