The twisted Zorgey

Zorgey is a twisted parallel version of Jorgey who exists in the same universe as the Parallel Cybermen. He abandoned REAAAACH!!!! when it was attacked, only to land on Requiem anyway. He spent the whole time playing with dolls, making them out of sticks and painting them to look like his sqaudmates. His Noble Team squadmates pursued him to Requiem, leaving Reach completely defenceless when the Covenant attack came. Zorgey killed all of his squadmates; Carter was killed in the sabotaged Pelican landing, Zorgey shot Kat in the head with a needle rifle, Jun ran away, Zorgey stabbed Emile in the back with a sword, and he overwhelmed No-Bell 6 with an army of clones of himself.

He was later stabbed by a Promethean Knight, which made his eyes glow blue. He never really recovered from this wound, and he pursued a vendetta against Prometheans ever since.

When Jorgey recovered a member of the Cyberman Remnant on Requiem and queried it on the contents of its universe, he was outraged to find that Zorgey had abandoned REAAAACH!!!!. He ventured to the parallel world with help from Giratina and bombed Requiem from above, devastating the planet.

Zorgey survived, however, and engaged Jorgey in battle. Jorgey easily overpowered Zorgey and, with one scream of 'You'll feel the pain of REAAAACH!!!!' he impaled Zorgey and then said 'now you need a lift, SPARTAN!' tossing his body into the burning remains of Requiem. Joregy then returned to our universe a hero.

In the aftermath of this event, due to the massive corruption and death caused by the firing of the Halo Array in the parrallel universe, Arceus erased it from existence.

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